Peregrine Academic Services is the globally recognized leader in providing assessment services, online educational courses and programs, and higher education support services to institutions of higher education located throughout the world.

We solve accreditation challenges with customized solutions to impact the quality of higher education.

We are your thought-partner in higher education.


Assessment Services

Online assessment services are specifically designed to address accreditation requirements related to learning outcomes assessment, quality assurance, and external academic benchmarking.

Educational Courses and Programs

Includes skill-based training courses, educational modules, and degree-supporting courses delivered online to promote global awareness, skill development, foundational knowledge, and critical thinking.

Academic Consulting

Provided to both quality assurance agencies and institutions of higher education around the world for capacity development and strategic sustainability.


Academic Leveling Courses

Addresses accreditation requirements related to foundational business knowledge, global awareness, critical thinking, and assurance of learning.


Workplace skills assessment used to evaluate the proficiency level of student soft skills based on the perspectives of evaluators who are familiar with the assessed individual.

Write & Cite

An academic writing readiness course that provides students and faculty the skills and knowledge needed to write, format, and properly cite academic papers, theses, dissertations, and publications.

Business School Resource Center

Integrating current global news into the classroom to link academic theories with real-world application to inspire students to think critically about events shaping the world today.

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