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Build a Better Workforce: A Look at the Competencies Graduates Need to Get the Job and Keep It Higher education serves many vital functions to people and communities' overall success, including effectively developing individuals to join the workforce. Higher education aids in teaching competencies critical to a learner's ability to get a job and find long-term success in their careers.

Join us for an interactive webinar to learn more about employer expectations and how you can use a cross-disciplinary approach to developing career-ready graduates.
Dec 8, 202011:00am EST1 hour
Leading Edge Learning: How You Can Enhance Your Course with Online Modules Educators need leading edge solutions. That is why we developed a collection of online modules that can be mixed & matched to support the development of key workplace competencies.

In this webinar, learn more about how you can use Leading Edge Learning modules to enhance a college course, develop the foundational knowledge that supports student success, close the gap between theory and application, and more.
Dec 15, 202011:00am EST1 hour
Success Starts with Soft Skills: How EvaluSkills Can Help You Assess and Develop Your Learners' Soft Skills Countless studies, research reports, and media outlets have highlighted a significant skill gap found in our workforce. Even more, employers and higher education institutions have found difficulty in defining, evaluating, and developing these skills.

Join us during this webinar to learn more about the skills gap and how you can utilize EvaluSkills to develop and assess your learners' soft skills.
Dec 16, 202011:00am EST1 hour
Build a Better Workforce: How to Create a Holistic Model for Performance Management to Drive Performance Performance Management is essential to aligning employees, resources, and systems to meet strategic objectives. Far too often, the process for performance management is not properly structured and, therefore, ineffective at improving employees' overall performance.

This webinar will discuss what effective performance management entails, including talent acquisition, onboarding and orientation, career and professional development, compensation, and expectations.
Jan 12, 20219:00am MST1 hour
A Hard Look at Soft Skills: Preparing Students for Success in the Workplace Soft skills are a combination of people skills, social skills, communication skills, character or personality traits, that enable you to navigate your environment, work well with others, perform well, and achieve your goals with complementing hard skills. Soft skills are the number one indicator of success in the workplace. Soft skill assessment and development can be challenging in an academic setting and doing so can be a differentiator for your institution.

In this webinar learn how soft skills are key to success in the workplace, and how to best develop and assess the soft skills of your students.
Jan 26, 20219:00am MST1 hour
Digital Transformation in Higher Education: How to use technology to facilitate student engagement and learning Those who have tried modern technologies in education report increase in the overall performance of higher education institutions. Digital transformation in higher education has its effect on 2 main business parts: Services transformation focuses on creating new education products and transforming existing products into digital ones.
This webinar will cover how the use of technology can be a useful tool for faculty while increasing the engagement and knowledge retention by students.
Feb 16, 20219:00am MST1 hour
Gamification is not just Recreation: How Simulations Enhance Learning in Higher Education In higher education, students need to be prepared for their future profession, and their professional competences should involve a range of complex skills. The importance of 21st-century skills goes beyond secondary education and is also often addressed during higher and further education. Critical thinking, problem solving, communication, and collaboration seem to be the most relevant skills that students should acquire during their education in addition to domain-specific knowledge and skills to be able to make professional decisions and implement solutions.
This webinar will discuss the effectiveness of simulations to teach critical thinking skills that enhance programs in higher education.
Mar 16, 20219:00am MDT1 hour
OneDay: Business Strategy Simulation Deep Dive OneDay is an experiential learning multi-episode, individually played simulation that teaches business strategy and key workplace skills by doing and interacting within a real-world business environment. OneDay: Business Strategy Simulation is where theory meets application.

This webinar is a deep dive into OneDay: Business Stragety Simulation. It will cover the benefits of experiential learning, the competencies supported by the simulation, and the learning outcomes for students.
Mar 23, 20219:00am MDT1 hour
The Blended Approach to Employee Development - A Success StoryApr 6, 20219:00am MDT1 hour
Academic Leveling: How to Build Your Learners’ Foundational Knowledge in Business for Success in their MBA or DBA Do your incoming graduate learners have the business foundational knowledge needed to start the program? Most graduate business programs do not require a business undergraduate degree. Moreover, many returning students seeking graduate degrees have been out of school for many years. These students often lack the foundational business knowledge needed for continued graduate education.
With Academic leveling learners can gain the foundational business education needed to succeed with their business programs. Learners can refresh their knowledge to more effectively complete undergraduate or advanced degrees.
This webinar includes information on Peregrine's Academic Leveling Solution; bridging the gap in business education with Leading Edge Learning Competency-Based Modules.

Apr 13, 20219:00am MDT1 hour
Foundations of Assurance of Learning Assurance of Learning (AoL), primarily driven by governmental and accreditation agencies, refers mainly to using quantitative and qualitative results to demonstrate whether learners have achieved learning goals. The many versions of AoL say the same thing: provide evidence that you are doing what you say you are doing concerning the goals, objectives, and outcomes that you have for the learner’s educational experience.

During this webinar, learn more about the process of Assurance of Learning, the assessment cycle, and how to apply assessment results.
May 18, 20219:00am MDT1 hour
Peregrine's Business Administration Assessment - A Deep DiveMay 25, 20219:00am MDT1 hour
So You Want to be an Entrepreneur?Jun 8, 20219:00am MDT1 hour
Creating a Quality Assurance and Continuous Improvement CultureJun 22, 20219:00am MDT1 hour
Deep Dive into the Capabilities of Peregrine's Reporting FeatureJul 29, 20219:00am MDT1 hour
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